IRF Newsletter 194 - Constitution, Observers, Countries at 10WRC


IRF Constitution changes
In late 2012, a number of changes were
made to the IRF Constitution, and these came
into place on 1st January 2013. Important
changes included the expansion of the IRF
Executive, and the abolition of individual
members representing countries and regions.
Consequently, elections have been announced
for various Executive positions, and there are
significant changes to the composition of the
IRF Council.
The IRF Executive now comprises eight
- President
- Vice-president
- Secretary
- Treasurer
- VRA International Liaison Manager
- Promotion/Development Manager
- World Championships Manager
- Technical Manager
These four managers and Past President
are non-voting members of IRF Council. All
Executive positions are elected on a staggered
A number of Observers leave the IRF
Council with the change of Rules. Some are in
the process of re-applying for new Observer
status, but to all we extend our thanks for
keeping the two-way flow of information
vibrant between your own countries and the
international rogaining community. The
opinions of Observers during all our debates
and voting have been very welcome as a way to
capture a wide range of ideas.
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