Bids to host ERC2016

To the attention of European councillors and observers,
Four bids have been submitted to host ERC in 2016 (in the order of submission): Italy, Finland, Ukraine, Spain
I would like to thank all bidders. It is great to see high interest in hosting ERC.
Please study carefully the attached bids. Please also consult with your rogaining committees.
I will call a ranking vote on these bids on 1 December.
In selecting the host of the 13ERC2016 we shall follow guidelines similar to those as agreed in respect of awarding the WRC, in particular placing focus on the following key aspects:
-    Quality of the terrain to provide enjoyable, challenging and fair competition worthy of European championships;
-    Previous experience of the organizing team demonstrating the ability to ensure a high quality event.
Lauri Leppik 
IRF Vice President
Download this file (ERC2016 bid Finland.pdf)ERC2016 bid Finland[ ]1022 kB
Download this file (ERC2016 bid Italy.pdf)ERC2016 bid Italy[ ]344 kB
Download this file (ERC2016 bid Spain (Iberogaine).pdf)ERC2016 bid Spain[ ]868 kB
Download this file (ERC2016 bid Ukraine.pdf)ERC2016 bid Ukraine[ ]1018 kB
Download this file (ERC2016 terrain Italian bid.jpg)ERC2016 bid Italy map[ ]3309 kB
Download this file (ERC2016 terrain Ukrainian bid.jpg)ERC2016 bid Ukraine map[ ]423 kB