IRF Newsletter 188 South Africa and New Zealand News


Newsletter No. 188 August 2012 
 Rogaining  in South Africa 
2012 Capestorm Rogaine: Ian Bratt 
After every cross-country navigation event 
the planner breathes a sigh of relief if 
everything has gone well. On Sunday 
evening that sigh was bigger than usual 
once we had collected all the controls and 
everybody was safely out of the area. The 
competitors, the organisers, the planner 
and his car were all in one piece and safely 
on their way home after a great weekend of 
Five weeks ago, I had a blank piece 
of paper, four orthophotos of the 
Mokobulaan Plantation and access to 
Google maps. Nicholas Mulder had 
mapped four areas for previous 
orienteering events including the 2012 
Gauteng Championships which were held 
six weeks ago...
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