10ERC 2013 Spain - Results, Team Control Visits, Route Gadget

Full results for 10ERC 2013 Spain are now available along with category results, control visits for all teams and TV story by UFECTV.

Category results  for Men Open, Women Open and Mixed Open are available including subcategory results for Junionr, Veteran, Super Veteran and Ultra Veteran.


The organisers have produced complete results of all control visits including leg time, elapsed time, control number and control value.


UFECTV reported upon 10ERC 2013 in this production




ERC 2013 Spain - Provisional Results including The Wild Boar Rogaine

Update ERC2013 Spain results Final - see web site.


Provionsional results for ERC2013 Spain have been published, they are available from the event web site along with provisional results for the concurrently held 'The Wild Boar Rogaine', a six hour rogaine.

Congratulations to the competitors and organisers, more on this event later.


Dakota Rogaining Championships 2012 Recap

Dakota Rogaining Championships 2012 Recap - 12WRC2014 Hosts

Download this file (DRC 2012 Recap.pdf)Dakota Rogaining Championships 2012 Recap - 12WRC2014 Hosts[Dakota Rogaining Championships 2012 Recap - 12WRC2014 Hosts]144 kB


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