10th WRC Czech Republic News 26 Aug. 2012


We have recalculated the numbers of the entered participants. Now we register 741 participants in 354 teams. Detailed numbers sorted by individual countries are drawn in a distribution graph of the registered entrants.  http://www.rogaining.cz/wrc2012/en/


U.S. Rogaine Championships 2013 -Results- News Flash - World Rogaining Championship Qualifier

24th July 2013, Results - Results can be found here . Congratulations to the participants and organisers.


News Flash,18th June 2013 - The Rogaine Committee of Orienteering USA confirmed CNYO Rogaine on 13 and 14 July as the U.S. Rogaine Championships, a qualifying event for World Rogaining Championships 2014 South Dakota. http://cnyo.us.orienteering.org/2013/html/ROGAINE_XXIII.html


A North American Rogaining Championships may be held in March 2014. Remember you can obtain an entry to a World Rogaining Championship by Pre Qualifying Entry or by open entry; World Rogaining Championship Entry Criteria, IRF Newsletter 186. 



Estonia to host ERC2014

European representatives and observers have chosen Estonia as the host of the 11ERC2014.

13 representatives and observers from European countries participated in the vote. In a ranking vote, voters were asked to rank the three bids in the order of preference. Accordingly, lower score indicates higher placing.

The total scores were as follows:
1. Estonia 23 points
2. Israel 27 points
3. Ukraine 28 points

As the results of the vote show, it was a very equal competition.

Please mark in your calendars - 11th European Rogaining Championships will be held 7-8 June 2014 in South Estonia, Põlva county.

I would like to thank all groups who submitted bids to host ERC2014. The ERC bidding contest indicates that the ERC has grown into a highly prestigious event and many organising groups are looking forward to host it. I shall encourage the other two bidders to consider re-submitting their bids for ERCs of the following years. The intention is to commence the ERC2015 call for bids as soon as the WRC2015 and 2016 processes (see respective news) are completed, which should be by the end of June 2013. Just to note that the ERC2015 call for bids will be an open competition and any other organising group is also most welcome to present their bid.

Lauri Leppik

IRF Vice-President  


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